Birdsong of Discernment: 5:30 a.m.

Red heart and white heart with wings

There are all kinds of words
Flying round in my head
Clattering, battering
Most best left unsaid.

Which ones to let out
Is a struggle to find
When I’m trying too hard
They’re like flies in my mind.

Put on the spot
I’m liable to blurt
And those words, uncensored
Go nowhere, or hurt.

“So what, they’re honest,”
Says the narcissist self.
“Take a risk, you’ll get braver,”
Says my devious elf.

Then something quieter
Begins to come through–
A gentle reminder:
“It’s not all about you.”

Some birdsong came in
And as I calmed down and listened
The chatter receded
Revealing something that glistened.

“It’s the seed of discernment,”
Said a voice from below,
“Listening, not talking
Is the way you should go.

Your mind makes sound judgments
When it’s attuned to your heart
Perceiving the source
Is playing your part.

All of that static
That roils around in your head
Is when you’re trapped up
In your thinking instead.

They call that ‘judgmental’
Denouncing from above
But the flow of good judgment
Comes from your love.

When your feet are connected
With the rest of the planet
And you’re no longer acting
Like you’re the only one on it,

When you’re thrown off-kilter
By all the words in your head
It’s time for a croissant
And birdsong instead.”

Nicola Ranson’s father was a flower fairy, (no, really, look up Cicely Mary Barker’s Daisy Fairy) her mother a descendant of Rob Roy MacGregor. Because of (or despite) this illustrious ancestry, she developed a yen for the mystical and the feistiness to survive some of the consequences. Her survival skills were honed and supported in the gardens of the U.K., the croissant shops of Quebec, and the suburban wilderness of Southern California. She learned to listen by becoming a therapist. She has written for Stage Directions, Advanced Computer Entertainment, Somatic Psychotherapy Today, as well as problem columns for people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and those seeking the wisdom of fairies. Nicola lives in Leucadia with her filmmaker husband Ron, and a visiting backyard rabbit who hasn’t been informed about her MacGregor ancestry. She’s now working on her memoir “A Slice of Orange.”

Images by Merio from Pixabay and Nicola Ransom

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  1. Love this, Nicola, and I am laughing at your relationship with Rob Roy! Just another facet of your intriguing make-up. Looking forward to more from you here.

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