A Free Give-Away to Celebrate thefeistywriter.com’s 1st Birthday!

a goft box wrapped in blue paper with stars and a gold ribbonIt’s thefeistywriter.com’s first birthday, and what a year it’s been! So much fodder….

We are celebrating with a give-away: one free hour with esteemed writing coach, Marni Freedman, will go to a lucky new subscriber! Estimated value = $150!

The deadline to subscribe and win is Wednesday, November 15th at midnight. To qualify for our drawing for a free hour with Marni, click here to sign up. (If you’re anything like me, you will think this is a fantastic give-away and just what you need to launch your amazing story. You will want to definitely subscribe to win, but later, when your sink isn’t full of dishes and the dog isn’t barking and why is there a sock between these couch cushions?? But you will get distracted and forget. I’m sorry, the truth hurts. And I feel your pain! So let’s avoid this agony and click now to enter the drawing that will take your story to the next level!)

Here is what some of her clients have said about Marni:

“Marni is an amazingly empowering, perceptive, and inspiring teacher. She not only has tremendous insight and is a gifted editor, but she also can draw the best out of people. Before I met Marni, I was discouraged and close to giving up writing. I’ve worked one on one with her and also have been in her critique group for two years, and she’s helped me improve my writing tremendously — without her help, I’m sure I would have never finished my novel. Her positive attitude makes working with her a pleasure. I am extremely thankful to have gotten to know Marni and am lucky to have had her as a coach and mentor.”

— Tanya J, Author of YA Books for Horse Lovers

“I previously wrote in the form of freelance travel essays for newspapers and magazines, has been brewing between the pages of my journals for the last fifteen years. When I decided last January to write a memoir about my spiritual journey covering that same period, I knew I needed help not only in baring my soul and reliving some difficult moments, but also in taking my writing skills from their 1500-word essay comfort level to a 75,000-word manuscript. The way I think of it, Grace stepped in and offered warm-hearted writing coach/therapist, Marni, to my door. From the very first moment I met and sat with her, I felt that I could trust her both emotionally and professionally. With her, I felt safe being vulnerable and honest in writing my story—necessary elements for good memoir—and challenged to become a better writer—to tell my story in a way that would engage and interest my readers. Without ever putting too much of herself in the process, she showed me how to craft each scene as well as my overall story. She taught me the importance of thinking about memoir structure and necessary plot spots, how to experiment with different grabbers and how to allow some of the story to be revealed out of chronological order. I most appreciated that she never backed down. If Marni thought I could further improve a section or the overall structure, or if she sensed I was holding back on the emotional impact of a scene, she gently but firmly encouraged me to try again until my finished product delivered the impact and reflected the story I wanted to tell. Marni has been invaluable to me and I am filled with gratitude at my good fortune in meeting and working with her.”

— Mariah McKenzie, author of More . . . Journey to Mystical Union through the Sacred and the Profane.

“Bryan, whose brilliant prose had garnered San Diego writers’ awards and rocked the theater with laughter at his latest reading, suggested that I visit Marni’s Memoir Class. Bryan’s writing was well-timed and flawless. Why did he need a writing coach?

‘She’s great. Give her a try,’ was his reply.

So, I found myself sitting in her writing class. Her responses to other writers in the class warmed my heart.  Each student clearly needed a specific type of nudge, and I could watch Marni provide that push in the direction of relevance, of clarity or of imagery. Whatever was needed next, Marni could see it and suggest it.  So, I signed up with Marni, and not surprisingly, I am now sitting in my Writer’s Room, fully equipped with a willingness to write, and an enjoyment of the process. What made the difference between myself as stuck wanna-be writer and the happy, fluid composer that you now see before your very eyes?  In short, Marni’s magic. Marni is a licensed psychotherapist. So, instead of telling me yet another trick (you’ve heard them all: you must write in the morning . . . try writing in the evening, have a glass of wine, be sure to have a ritual . . . . the list goes on) Marni asked me questions that were specific to my stuckness. After meeting with Marni for five private sessions, I’ve now completed five of the nine chapters of a book that I’ve been attempting to conquer for over ten years. I’ve had the wonderful guidance of very good teachers, of published authors, of superb editors. They’ve all contributed enormously, but Marni has released the genie from the bottle. Marni manages to speak to the heart of what is wanted in the writer’s life. She’s great. Give her a try.”

— Phyllis, Author of From Conflict to Clarity

Marni in a pink hat working with clients

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Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/575400/ and Marni Freedman